hideto heshiki | serioushobbys


Born 1971 in Okinawa, Japan.
Intense training in football and baseball, taek-wondo and karate. Later he took pantomime and ballet classes as well as contemporary dance. He studied law at the "Surugadai-University". Lives and works since 1999 as dancer and choreographer in Europe. Since 2003 in Zurich, Switzerland, where he founded his own company "serioushobbys".

2010 "KOKUU", with 4 dancers and 4 musician.
Premiere : 6 February, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich (CH)
2009 "Silent Scream", with 3 dancers and 8 musician.
Premiere : 1 August, Davos-Festival (CH)
  "one day after another", duett with 2 guitars 1 violin and 1 violoncello.
Premiere: 1 August, Davos-Festival (CH)
  "Dawn", Solo with 2 Guitars.
Premiere: 21 April, Kaserne Basel (CH)
  "Serpens", with 7 dancers and 4 musician.
Premiere: 19 March, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich (CH)
  "arms", with 1 dancer, 1 actor and 1 musician.
Premiere: 13 February, Dampfzentrale Bern (CH)
2008 "Tale 2 of Sympathetic Vibration",
with 3 dancers and 2 musician.
Premiere: 15 March, Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)
  "Against newton", Cie Ludens (Chor. Takiko Iwabuchi),
Swiss-Premiere: 15 March, Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)
  "Blow & Go", with 1 dancer and 1 musician.
Premiere: 6 June, Festival LISTE Basel (CH)
2007 "streamextreme", with 11 dancers and 3 musicians.
Premiere: 8 June, Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)
2006 "Happy freaks" Solo with pianist Akiko Okabe, Premiere: 22 February at Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich (CH)
  Guestchoreography "sympathetic vibration" for pretty ugly dance company, Cologne, Premiere: 7 March Schauspielhaus Köln (D)
2005 "Lost dog", Creation for 7 men, Premiere 31 March at Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zurich (CH)
  Guestchoreography for 11 dancer from the school: bewegungs-art, Freiburg (D)
2004 "no body is neutral", (Chor. Jack Gallagher), Amsterdam (NL)
  "Light behind the dark", with musician R. Freudenberger Tanzhaus Zürich Zurich (CH)
  "A VOID", with Harald Kimmig (Violine), Theater E-Werk Freiburg (D)
  "Against newton 2", Cie Ludens (Chor. Takiko Iwabuchi), The National Theatre, Tokyo (J)
2003/04 "Obsidian"; Guestchoreography for pretty ugly dance company, Ballett Freiburg (D)
  "Circus", with Matthias Daneck (drums)
Duo with Christian Dierstein (percussion), new music performance festival, Rümlingen (D)
2002/03 Dancer with pretty ugly dance company (Amanda Miller), Ballett Freiburg (D);
Choreographies for the Company:
"GOKAI", "MIKAI" and the Solo "f.A.M." (performed by Amanda Miller)
Solo "Insectual man" (3 parts) with Ralf Freudenberger (elektronics)
2002 "The Fight", Duo with Niki Good, Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zurich (CH)
2001 "The Flight", Duo with Niki Good, Lausanne & Zurich (CH)
  "Think me thickness", Cie. Kobalt Works (Chor. Arco Renz), Brussels (B)
  "quake - between - étranger", commisioned work at Cours des Capucins, Luxembourg (L)
2000/01 "Natal", Cie. Fabienne Berger, Lausanne (CH)
2000 1. Price for the choreography and public price for the solo "étranger" at Cours des Capucins, Luxembourg (L)
1999/00 "La Haine de la Musique", Cie. Philippe Saire, Lausanne (CH)