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Silent Scream

Premiere: 2nd 2009, Davos Festival
– Young Artists in Concert, Davos (CH)

«Silent Scream» is a choreographic interpretation of «Black Angels», a string quartett by the US-american composer Georg Crumb. The score of «Black Angels» is dated with «Friday the Thirteenth, March 1970 (in tempore belli)» and is the only string quartett connected to the Vietnam war. George Crumb composed this piece as a symbol for that time, a time of change and black omen. The opposite of Good (Cello) and Evil (Violine) seems to be quite simple, however, because of its unconventional sound mix with crying, singing, wispering, TamTam and buzzing crystal glases it contains a versatile form and describes a journey of the human soul in three steps: departure, absence and return. The two japanese dancers Hideto Heshiki and Kenzo Kusuda fight with these sounds a physical duel: playful, serious, intense. And the musicians of the Cuarteto Quiroga play, cry and wisper. Therefore, «Silent Scream» is an absolutely phyiscal experience.

Choreography and Dance Hideto Heshiki, Kenzo Kusuda Stringquartett Quarteto Quiroga Music Georg Crumb, Black Angels Light Fiona Zolg Sound Dominik Kessler Coproduction Davos Festival – Young Artists in Concert Production management Sarah Maier