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one day after another

Premiere: 2. August 2009,
Davos Festival – Young Artists
in Concert, Davos (CH)

François de Fossa, who was a contemporary of Haydn, has composed his quartett «Opus 19, Nr. 3» for the rather unusual cast of one violine, one cello and two guitars. This music, which seems to be closer to the classical ballet than the contemporary dance, stood at the beginning of «One day after another». Its three parts – Lento, Allegro, Lento – influence form and rhythm of the choreography. The apparent duo is an accompanied solo in double ways: The female dancer Nurya Egger is accompanied not only by the music but also by the second dancer Hideto Heshiki. Similar to a bright shadow or a guardian angel he is always close to her, without transgressing any boundary. He accompanies her paths and follows her gestures. This danced chamber music, which is tender, cheerful and quiet, touches because of his simplicity and intimacy.

Choreography Hideto Heshiki Dance Nurya Egger, Hideto Heshiki Music François de Fossa, Quartett Op.19, Nr. 3 Violine Cibran Sierra Cello Helena Poggio Guitar Christian Buck, Jens Groos Light Fiona Zolg Sound Dominik Kessler Coproduction Davos Festival – Young Artists in Concert Production Management Sarah Maier