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Tale 2 of Sympathetic Vibrations

Premiere: March 15th 2008,
Tanzhaus Zurich

Both in terms of differences in opinion and of unlike intentions in movements, people are more or less individulists. However, absolute independence is an illusory. In reality, everyone is influenced by his environment (light, sound, smell, etc.) as well as by other people, regardless of whether there exists an intention to communicate or not. At least a part of ones body reacts constantly to the surroundings, even while one is standing still or sleeping.
In „Tale 2 of Sympathetic Vibration“ three individual dancers, that hardly make an effort to unite, meet in a sphere of music and light. That creats a silent harmony, which is developing naturally through the common use of space.
The choreographer Hideto Heshiki worked on this basic idea already in 2006 within the piece „Sympathetic Vibration“. Now he resumes and develops it together with new dancers and with the same two musicians.

Choreografy/Artistic Direction Hideto Heshiki Dance Félix Duméril, Nurya Egger, Hideto Heshiki Music Christian Buck, Alex Goretzki Light Design Niki Good, Fiona Zolg Sound Dominik Kessler Technique Goetz Dihlmann, Anutoshen M. Huer Production Management Sarah Maier In coproduction with the Tanzhaus Zurich and thanks for financial support of the Foundation Crazy Horse