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Premiere: 8 June
Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)

"streamextreme" takes inspiration from the body’s own "beats", the heart beat, the more subtle pulse of the spinal chord fluid, the rhythm of the breath. These "beats" that together form one rhythm, are the uninterrupted continuation of an energy and force, the phenomenon of eternal flow, of perpetual change.

A constant flow underlies the entire work and is punctuated by irregularities. It evolves from being a solo to the entire 14-head strong group being on stage; it goes from being fierce to subtle and delicate. Movement sequences are fanned out, multiplied, made denser and thinned out. With the exploration of extremes, of stretched to the point of tearing apart, ranging from fast and compact to almost gooey near immobility, the most widely ranging rhythms are explored and brought to the fore. This is created in close collaboration with 3 musicians who, additionally to their choice in musical instrument (bass, percussion, violin), differ in accompaniment, melody and rhythm. 

The river is a symbol of eternal flow, of transformation of the self, of not standing still, of perpetual change. The river is a transport way, a collecting site, a system of circulation that unifies different mechanisms. Materials, movements, information and energies are exchanged, altered, transformed into new forms and appearances. Meeting, selection and transformation is furthermore brought up.

Dance communicates in the immediate about bodies; it makes the relationship between music and movement apparent and explores in "streamextreme" above all the continuity through coordination and condition of the chosen movement sequences. In this way, like a river crawling through a landscape, dance is a trail through time. 

Choreography/Artistic direction Hideto Heshiki Music Christian Buck (Bassgitarre), Harald Kimmig (Violine), Dieter Ulrich (Schlagzeug) Dance Félix Duméril, Nurya Egger, Christina Gehrig Binder, Hideto Heshiki, Alex Hobe, Misato Inoue, Barbora Kryslova Greiner, Norikazu Maeta (special guest aus Japan), Claudia Schuler, Nadine Schwarz, Christine Walsh Light design/technique Niki Good, Anutoshen M. Hüer Assistance with costumes Christina Gehrig Binder Thanks for financial support: Kanton Zürich, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, zürcher theaterverein, Familien Vontobel Stiftung, Tanzhaus Zürich (special thanks to Meret Schlegel)