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Sympathetic Vibration

Premiere: 07.03.2006
Staedtische Buehnen Koeln

Both in terms of differences in opinion and of unlike intentions in movements, people are more or less individualists. Looking at a strong individualist, we experience isolation and a feeling of being self-contained. However, absolute isolation and total independence are illusory. In reality, everyone is influenced by his environment (light, sound, smell etc.) as well as by other people, regardless of whether there exists an intention to unify with space and objects surrounding us.

In life there can be no stagnation. All beings move relentlessly for the entirety of their lives. At least a part of their bodies reacts constantly to the surroundings, even when they themselves are standing still or sleeping. The Zurich-based Japanese choreographer Hideto Heshiki calls this reaction "Sympathetic Vibration".

Three individual dancers, that hardly make an effort to unite, meet in a sphere of music and light. Shown is a silent harmony, which develops naturally through the common use of space.

Choreography Hideto Heshiki Dance Rebecca Ann Jefferson, Emi Miyoshi, Ruben Reniers Music Christian Buck, Alex Goretzki Costume Claus Stump Light Hartmut Litzinger