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Light behind the Dark

Premiere: 13.10.2004
Tanzhaus Zürich Zurich

Inspired on the novel "Shunkin shou" by Junichiro Tanizaki

  1. memory of her skin
  2. Tenko, the singing bird in the cage
  3. three steps to become blind
  4. temperature of tears
  5. reallumination / frozen memory

Documentary of his memory: He knows her - she is beautiful - somebody hurts her - she is very injured and her face destroyed - to keep her in his mind as she was before, he decides to become blind.

In Tanizakis story of a blind woman and a man equally blinded, but by his own will, Heshiki is fascinated by the deliberate break with socially accepted norms. Based on his personal experiences (a six-hourly performance with folded eyes and covered ears), he approaches the essence of darkness and investigates the retreat in an inside, which may just as well be an outside.

Choreography/Dance Hideto Heshiki Music Ralf Freudenberger/Japanese Noise Research Lightdesign Niki Good Thanks to Tanzhaus Zürich, Anutoshen M. Hueer, Präsidialdepartement der Stadt Zürich, Yuuki

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