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Premiere: 10.10.2003
Stadttheater Freiburg

Movement is measure, stillness awareness of the void - of our existence in this passing world. Isamu Noguchi

With the last Solo "f.A.M." I started to work on dance by putting my focus on the contemplating possibilities of movement and on the charged potential of "movements that could happen". Intense inner energy and concentration, but no outer showing of defined shapes or states.
I strated that experiment after a renewal of interest in "rock garden". Now I will continue my way along the "stones" with 3 dancers:


The title comes from that glassy black stone obsidian, which forms itself where lava cools so fast, that crystals do not have time to grow. The more the velocity of cooling is rapid, the more it becomes glassy.
I imagine this sudden stop, where movement, sound and energy are captured in one moment, maybe quietly echoing inside, and building this new material.

OBSIDIAN may start slow, viscous, heavy, yet his origin is volcanic activiy.
Captured moments, beautiful signs in space and time, fractured smooth curves sharper than steel blades. Never aggressive but bearing the potential of danger. Knowing that in ancient times obsidian was used as a weapon.

Choreography Hideto Heshiki Dance Flavia Tabarrini, Shane Hedges, Michael Maurissens Music Ralf Freudenberger Stage/Light Niki Good Costume Hideto Heshiki